Technical guidance status

Process Development & Production Line Building

Tie rod Machining

Ball HSG Machining

Tie rod End Machining

Ball Stud Machining



Training of Measurement System & Reliability

Measuring system

Measuring system

Reliability Test

Construction of Quality Control System STEP 01

Incoming items inspection activities to identify nonconfirming product.

Incoming Inspection

Incoming Inspection Activities

Division Contents
Forging/ hardness Receiving Inspection
Management & trends
Components DIM’S Incoming inspection each component

Construction of Quality Control System STEP 02

Field-oriented process management through poor / leakage prevention activities in progress

SPC and E / PROOF apply for special dimensions

Special characteristics and key management to

Division Contents
Special Characteristics STUD sphericity, the swing angle, torque, etc…
(The main items) Customers mount STUD threaded / Torque etc…

Quality Market

Failure by the daily settlement process Delay prevention, and prevention activities

By Process checking key Chr.

Reviewed by : Executive Evaluation period : 1 issue / week (process)